Q. What’s the process for hiring an Atlanta escort?

A. The process for hiring one of our escorts is really very simple. All you have to do is pick out the one that you like most from among our profile pages, then contact us to arrange for payment. We’ll hook you up either with your first choice or a young lady who meets the same requirements and who is available for the time you want to make your booking. Then the two of you meet at a mutually acceptable location, enjoy your time together, and go your separate ways when the booking is done. If you like her, you can book her again to see her again, as often as you like (assuming she is available). This is about as simple a process as it is possible to have it be. We think you’ll agree, and you’ll appreciate our ladies.

Q. I am worried about people judging me for hiring an escort. How can you reassure me?

A. All of our escorts are discouraged from ever discussing their dates with any of their fellow escorts. This means there’s no idle gossip going around our offices or among our employees, and nothing about you that your escort learns will ever be shared with anyone else. We don’t discuss your booking with any third party outside our company. Your privacy and confidentiality are absolute with us. This means that you need never fear being judged for hiring an escort because nobody will learn of it through us.

Q. Do all your escorts speak English?

A. Yes, all of our escorts speak English. Some of them speak it as a second language, but you’ll find yourself able to communicate with them easily. Our lovely girls come from all around the world and around the country. They are hand-picked by us to be the best possible Atlanta escorts for you. We screen them, we check them out, and we make sure that they are capable of communicating with you so that you can enjoy your date. You have nothing to worry about when you book through a reputable agency like ours.

Q. I want to book your number-one girl. I don’t care how much it costs. Who is she?

A. We think you’ll find that all of our young ladies are exceptional. There are some who book more often each week than others, but this is a function of schedule, not popularity. All of our sexy girls are beautiful, friendly, personable, and cooperative. They’ll be happy to go out with you, get to know you, show you the town, or stay in and spend some quiet time with you. The fact is, you can’t go wrong when you book our girls.

Q. What makes your escorts better than “regular” women?

A. Amateur, non-professional women are fine, as far as they go, but their job is not to make you happy or to entertain you. Our girls have that as their first and only goal. Unlike regular women, our escorts are more beautiful, more fun, more cooperative, and more appreciative of your time and attention. Our escorts are sophisticated, beautiful, and always the most fun possible. Compare that to what you know of the “regular” women in your life and we think you’ll be very pleased with our ladies. Try us today!

Q. Can I book a long stay, like overnight?

A. Yes, as long as the young lady in question has the free time in her schedule and is willing to go on a longer booking with you, we are certainly fine with it. This will hinge on many things, as your young lady has to agree to a non-typical length booking and agree to the destination and activities you have in mind. She’ll need time to clear her obligations, so it may take a little longer to set up the booking, too, but none of these things is a problem.

Q. Do you service large parties, like a bachelor party?

A. Absolutely, we serve large parties. What makes a party truly memorable and fun? Is it the music? Is it the food? Is it the attendees? Or is it something more than just the attendees, but the ladies who happen to be in attendance? You’ve never experienced a gathering quite like one attended by a bevy of beautiful babes provided by AtlantaBabeFinder.com. We can spice up any gathering and we would be happy to provide several girls for your event. Just get in touch with us and we’ll discuss it.

Q. I am setting up a trip down South next month and I’d like to have company when I’m in Atlanta. Is that okay?

A. Certainly, it’s okay. That’s what we’re here for, after all. A lot of our clients are people who are visiting the area from out of town, either for business or tourism or some other form of pleasure. No matter what brings you to Atlanta, if you know ahead of time that you’ll want female companionship, you can book with us and we’ll set it up to match your schedule and your needs. Book yours now!

Q. I never know ahead of time when I’ll be free for a date. Can I still use your service?

A. Of course you can. We would never force you to plan weeks ahead of time because we know you can’t always guess when you’re going to be in the mood for a beautiful woman to keep you company. When the mood hits you, feel free to contact us and tell us that’s what you’re looking for. We’ll make arrangements for you as quickly as logistically possible. It may take a little time to line up your girl, but a little is all it will take.

Q. I’d like to come to your office. Where is it located?

A. Our administrative offices are just for our support staff. Our ladies do not entertain here. We are an outcall agency only, meaning that your escort will come to you at your house or at your hotel or motel. She may also choose to meet you at some other location, such as the venue for your date, or at some other location that the two of you agree to before the date commences. So while you can’t visit us, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll still get great service.

Q. Can you give me a phone number for one of your escorts so I can talk to her?

A. No, we cannot supply you with that kind of information. This is a safety issue and we have to take this precaution to protect the safety of both our staff and our clients. Once your booking is arranged, we’ll put you in touch with your Atlanta escort, but it isn’t possible for prospective clients to communicate with the girls before the booking is made. It would also be an imposition on our ladies’ time.

Q. Why should I book with your agency when there are escorts I can contact directly?

A. Sure, there are agencies you can book with directly, but do you really know what you’re in for when you try to book that way? You could get a total amateur who doesn’t know how to do the job of an Atlanta escort. You could also get ripped off, either for your money or, worse, because the person you think is an escort is actually a criminal or a scam artist. Trust AtlantaBabeFinder.com’s thoroughly screened, vetted escorts instead. We’re always on your side.

Q. How affordable is hiring an escort, really?

A. Hiring an escort is actually very affordable. You can go broke fast with all the little things that always seem to come up when you try to date. The price itself, while not cheap, is certainly well worth what you are paying. If you think of it in terms of efficiency and return on investment, however, what you are paying is affording you incredible benefits over and beyond the booking itself, because it is freeing you from the hidden costs of trying to date a woman out in the “real world.”

Q. Can I book several ladies at once?

A. Yes, if you can afford the booking fees, and you accept the selection of the escorts who are available, we are perfectly happy to have you book more than one girl at a time. This is especially helpful if you have a party or other big social gathering, and you would like to have some sexy women there to circulate in the crowd and keep things interesting. There’s no party like a party that features our beautiful Atlanta escorts. And if you want all the girls for yourself, that’s fine too.

Q. This is legal, right?

A. Yes, booking an escort through AtlantaBabeFinder.com is totally, one hundred percent legal. Our young women are professional entertainers, not prostitutes. When you book their time, you are paying for only that block of time. Your escort is agreeing to be your date, go with you to the social setting of your choice, spend time with you, talk to you, get to know you… but nothing beyond that. If something does develop between you two, great, but understand from the beginning that we are a legal social connection service only. That’s all that we do.