Marvelous Marina is very empathic. She’s a very compassionate woman… and she has a side that’s just passionate. She believes that the key to getting inside someone’s head is listening to them, just being really receptive to their message. She thinks that in modern society, we don’t really spend enough time listening, because everyone is talking. She’s not down on modern technology or modern society, but she does think we could get more out of it if we modified our approach to include some of the things we’ve forgotten. Marina is a big believer in taking pleasure in little things, and in stopping to smell the roses, so to speak, because modern life is so fast-paced and complicated. You might say that Marina was born in the wrong time, because she likes to look fondly back at the simpler time before the Internet and before things got so fast. She wonders sometimes what it might have been like to grow up during that time, and while she wouldn’t trade modern conveniences for anything, she does long for that escape from the fast pace of modern life. She always takes some time for herself at the end of every day to kind of slow things down and enjoy the world around her. She believes that staying grounded in that way is really very important.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Marina Marina
Marina Marina

“Modern social media has really made it hard to get to know people, even though there’s more information available than ever before,” she says. “We all spend so much time talking, so much time expressing ourselves, that we never have time to listen to what other people are expressing to us. I think our goal as individuals should be to talk less and listen more. Really take in the messages all around you. People will hand you the keys to their souls if you just listen hard enough. It’s simply not that difficult to take in all that information if you aren’t cluttering the air between you and other people with all your own noise. We are a noisy people overall. We’ve lost stillness and quiet as a habit. That’s why I like to just settle myself down at the end of every day and be as quiet as I can be. I like to let stillness kind of surround me and pervade me. That’s how I know I’m connected to the world. That’s when I feel my most human.”

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