Lovely Lori believes that of all things, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin, because no man wants a woman who lives at the mercy of her insecurities. She has worked long and hard to be the kind of person that she ultimately came to be: a strong, confident woman, who knows what she wants and who takes no grief, but who also knows how to treat other people with respect. She believes in giving as good as she gets and in being the kind of woman that men and women alike want to be around. She knows that there is no substitute for putting the time in and doing hard work when hard work needs to be done, but she also tries to take the time to stop and enjoy things. She considers herself a driven person, but not obsessive, and she believes a good work and life balance is important. The irony that her personal life and her work life are almost one and the same, as an Atlanta escort, is not lost on her, but that’s a choice she’s made freely and she’s totally okay with it.


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Lori Lori
Lori Lori

“I know that not everybody has a life like mine,” she says. “It’s very unusual, actually, compared to how other people live. I wake up each day knowing that how I make my living, and how I have my fun, are basically going to be the same thing. I go out and party. I meet people. I socialize. I drink now and then. I see shows and I go to parties and social gatherings. It’s all part of my work. I’m meeting great new people every day, I’m getting to know them, I’m having the time of my life… and always, in the back of mind, is the fact that I’m also making my living. It’s kind of mind blowing but I wouldn’t want to change it. I can’t do another job, not at this point in my life. I wouldn’t want to. I want to be doing this, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. But because I’m grateful I have to be working on myself all the time. I have to be constantly working to improve who I am and how I look. I need to be at my best. I need the best body. I have to have the best attitude. Every client I meet has to feel like I’m as friendly as I can be. It’s challenging, sure, but it’s also fun. It’s fun to know you’re in your prime. That you’re doing your absolute best to be who you need to be. That’s exciting to me. It’s challenging and thrilling.”
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