Intoxicating Ireland knows her own flaws and is very self-aware. She’s always working to better herself. She believes that self-improvement is the only activity that makes any sense for a human being, because ultimately, each of us owns ourselves only. If you can’t make yourself better at the end of the day, Ireland believes, then you have ultimately wasted your time on Earth. Self-improvement, setting goals, and self-assessment are therefore very important to Ireland, who lives her life one step at a time and is very proud of the work she’s done. She also expresses some of that desire for self-improvement in the gym, where she works out obsessively to build the best possible body that she can. She knows that her incredible body gets noticed, that men look at her and desire her, and that some of the women who see her working out are turned on enough y her perfect body that they are willing to consider taking her home. Ireland is bisexual, so she has a few of these fantasies herself, and she is always happy to share them.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Ireland Ireland
Ireland Ireland

“I have this fantasy when I’m working out in the gym,” she says, laughing. “I like to think of myself on the machine, working and sweating, feeling the taut, tight, toned muscles of my body, feeling how my curves look and just feeling excellent about myself. And a woman as beautiful as me comes over and asks me if I can spot her. So now she’s on the bench and I’m leaning over her, and my sweaty breasts touch her face through my shirt, and instead of being turned off by that, she smiles up at me. And now I’m coming up with every excuse I can to brush my chest against her, and to feel her body, and my hands start to roam over her body and we have to get up and go to the locker room. We hit the showers and we shower together, with the warm, soapy water all over our bodies, and we press ourselves together, and finally, our lips meet. Have you ever kissed a woman being a woman yourself? It’s the most incredible thing. It’s so soft and forbidden and wonderful. I could kiss another woman all day.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Ireland continues. “I love men, too. I love to feel like I’ve got a strong man’s arms wrapped around me, like there is nowhere I can go and nowhere I want to go. I love that feeling of being had, of being held, of being his. There’s something so comforting about that. So I guess you could say I believe in having things both ways. I like men and women and I like having fun. And I like meeting new people, no matter who they are.”

Sexy little Ireland is waiting to meet you. Would like to spend some time with her? Contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange to put the two of you together. Have fun!