Caring Candace is one of those young women who knows what it is to take risks. She prides herself on her ability to face down her fears. She has an adventurous spirit and is always pushing herself to try new things. In fact, Candace believes if you’re not growing, you’re dying, so she tries to do something every single day to help herself grow more and achieve more as a person. While Candace isn’t super obsessive about setting goals, she does believe that once she sets her sights on something, she is honor bound to go after achieve it and, if she fails, she must force herself to do better and try harder. This makes Candace one of the more reliable escorts in our happy little family, as she is a woman of her word and thinks that if you can’t keep your word, you can’t accomplish a whole lot in this world or in this life. Candace’ caring nature is sometimes at odds with her willingness to take risks, but she believes you can’t be afraid to fail if you’re going to go out and build yourself up.


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Candace Candace
Candace Candace

“Risk,” she says, “is what life’s all about. There would be no change without risk. There would be no innovation. Nobody would ever accomplish anything if they couldn’t risk it all from time to time. The people who have accomplished the most in our world, they’re the people who put everything they had on the line and fought for it, knowing that failure might mean being utterly ruined. When I read history, when I see what people before us have dared in building their fortunes, or inventing great things, or changing society for the better, I’m kind of awed that we share the planet with people like that. And one day, when my opportunity comes to put everything I have on the line and fight for it, I know I will have the courage to do it, because I’ve pushed myself throughout my whole life.”

Candace is a sexy lady who likes to get to know her clients and is especially fond of asking them questions and listening to their answers. “Most people like to talk about themselves,” she says, “so it’s usually not a problem to get somebody to open up. I love to learn all about a new client. To me, that’s the most fun part of our interaction together.”

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