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You’ve found Atlanta Babe Finder, and that means you’ve found our bevy of beautiful babes. Our ladies are what makes Atlanta Babe Finder special. Any agency can hook you up with a woman willing to spend time with you, but it takes a very special agency to find the kind of talent we find. Our ladies are among the best out there, not just in terms of looks, but in terms of personality and talent. You see, it takes very special qualities to be the sort of woman that we want here at Atlanta Babe Finder. A woman who works for us must obviously be young and beautiful. That goes without saying. An escort agency that doesn’t offer young, beautiful women to the discerning clients on its rolls is obviously missing the point of what an escort agency is supposed to be all about. But if all that was required were pretty faces, that would be pretty easy to accomplish, wouldn’t it? While there are lots of women who aren’t particularly attractive, there are more beautiful women out there than can fill all the jobs that require beautiful girls. If this wasn’t true, there would be no competition for modeling and acting jobs, right? So in a world where there is a surplus of incredibly sexy, beautiful women, how do we find the girls who eventually become Atlanta babes?

Willow/ 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Wonderful willow is defined by her sense of humor. She is never afraid to laugh at herself.

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Ireland/ 24 / Brunette / 5’4″


Intoxicating Ireland knows her own flaws and is very self-aware. She’s always working to better herself.

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Lori/ 26 / Brunette / 5’3″


Lovely Lori believes that of all things, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin.

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Alabama/ 26 / Brunette / 5’3″


Awesome Alabama is the sort of girl who is a true friend to everyone she gets close to.

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Candace/ 24 / Brunette / 5’5″


Caring Candace is one of those young women who knows what it is to take risks.

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Electra/ 22 / Brunette / 5’2″


Elegant Electra defines herself by her ability to choose her battles.

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Carmen/ 21 / Brunette / 5’3″


Charming Carmen believes in something greater than herself. Her spirituality

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Jessie/ 24 / Brunette / 5’5″


Generous Jessie wears her heart on her sleeve. She is totally transparent and

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Jolene/ 23 / Brunette / 5’2″


Incredible Jolene likes to say that she’s tough enough to go after what she

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Marina/ 24 / Brunette / 5’4″


Marvelous Marina is very empathic. She’s a very compassionate woman… and she has a side that’s just

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Terry/ 24 / Brunette / 5’4″


Terrific Terry isn’t afraid to go it alone when she has to, but she also has no fear of asking for help.

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Coco/ 22 / Brunette / 5’6″


Precocious Coco has what you might call a thirst for knowledge, but mostly, she sees beauty everywhere in the world

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Tina/ 22 / Brunette / 5’6″


Tantalizing Tina is the sort of girl who won’t ignore the worst in people, but always tries to see their best.

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Laci/ 22 / Brunette / 5’6″


Luscious Laci isn’t afraid of hard work, which means she’ll wade in and get her hands dirty when she needs to.

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Shay/ 22 / Brunette / 5’6″


Shay isn’t, as her name might suggest, shy at all. She’s just the opposite, in fact. She’s a realist

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Amber/ 22 / Brunette / 5’6″


Amber was brought up to believe that you shouldn’t say anything behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to their face.

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Our screening process starts with finding the most beautiful women in the city, sure. We comb through online classified ads and even other agency’s ads. We look for exceptional and fresh-faced ladies who meet all the physical requirements for this job. They must have a great look. They must keep themselves up. They must take pride in their appearance. They must have gorgeous faces and luscious lips. They must know how to put on makeup without using too much. They must have killer bodies, and they must look great in lingerie, swimwear, casual clothes, evening wear… Basically, on a physical level, they must be absolute knockouts. But our process doesn’t stop there. In fact, it only begins there. Because once a woman has passed all the physical hurdles involved in becoming one of our ladies, she must still pass all of the other benchmarks. We hold our talent to a high standard for good reason. Our reputation for high-quality girls is what makes Atlanta Babe Finder special. Without it, without our stellar reputation, without the commitment we bring to that level of quality, we couldn’t do what we do. So when we bring a young lady on, it isn’t enough for her to be incredible looking. It isn’t enough for her to have an amazing rack, long legs, a taut stomach, and a rear end to die for. No, she can have all these things, and we prefer that she do… but she then has to get past our screening for her personality and her outlook.

Just what is that personality and outlook? Well, when we bring on a young lady at Atlanta Babe Finder, we are looking for a very specific way of looking at the world. We want women who can give as good as they get, who enjoy what they do, who are eager to get up and face the day because it means they get to meet more new people and go out with more great clients. We want women, in other words, who truly relish the role of the professional escort. They have to have certain qualities if they’re going to fit this very specific bill. So what are those qualities? First, they have to be very friendly. What is the thing that all beautiful women who you meet in your regular life seem to have in common? Most of them aren’t terribly friendly. They all have their noses up in the air as if they’re simply too good for you. It makes you wonder sometimes where these women get off, thinking they are so much better than everyone else, when basically everyone knows they’ll look like they do for ten or twenty years, maximum, before they hit their looks hit the proverbial wall and they start to fall apart. We see this in Hollywood stars all the time. They look great when they start out, and are great in their prime, but as they start to age, they start taking more and more trips to the plastic surgeon. Before you know it, a once beautiful woman who didn’t have much else going for her has a plastic surgeon’s mask that only a mother could love. Some of them have had so much plastic surgery they barely look human, much less “young.” And when they run out of looks, suddenly nobody has time for their bad attitudes.

We can think of one very attractive actress who got known for being beautiful but who is notorious for not smiling out in her regular life. The paparazzi take pictures of her and she is never smiling. She never seems to smile, period, and on camera in her films, her smiles looked forced. She has no chemistry with any of the male leads she is paired with, and basically she just seems like she’d be really unpleasant to be around. This ruins the fantasy for many men who see her films because, let’s be honest, when you look at her, she is absolutely gorgeous. We think that’s a terrible shame because when you have a beautiful woman who is ugly on the inside, she might as well be ugly on the outside, too. So we make sure that our ladies are super friendly and don’t have any of that bad attitude. We make sure they know how to be respectful and courteous. We make sure they know how to protect your privacy and guard your confidentiality. And we make sure they know that their job is to see to the success of your booking. If they can do all that, yes, they can work with us.

Looking for Blondes? Passionate About Redheads? Like Them Dark? We Definitely Have A Girl For You

What are you looking for? What do you enjoy? What type of woman do you find most exciting? Well, if you like vivacious blondes, if you love a woman with golden hair, then we have blondes for you. We’ve got dirty blondes. We’ve got platinum blondes. We’ve got natural blondes. We’ve got bottle blondes. We’ve got every kind of blonde you could ever want, to answer every fantasy, and we hope you’ll book with us when you find the blonde girl of your dreams staring back at you from our pages. But wait, that’s not all. If you like redheads, if the idea of a woman with fire-red hair and freckles and the attitude to go with them is something that excites you, then yes, you can book a redhead with us. And if you like a dark-haired girl, if you like brunettes, if you like a lady whose smoky good looks complement the rest of her, then come to us, by all means, and we’ll set you up with a woman who best meets your needs. No matter what your fantasy and no matter what your preference, Atlanta Babe Finder has the smoking hot lady of your dreams ready for you. Don’t wait any longer and don’t put this off. Don’t tell yourself that there will be time to do it later. The time is now to book the girl of your dreams.

Background Checks All Around

Atlanta Babe Finder cares about your safety. We care about your satisfaction. We care about the process through which your needs, preferences, wants, and happiness are satisfied and fulfilled. Because we care, we put a lot of extra effort into what we do. That extends to ensuring your safety. How do we do that? We ensure your safety by making sure that all of our talent has been thoroughly screened. Whether a girl who works for us is a direct recruit, a transfer from another agency, or somebody we found through an online listing, we put her through a background check and personality screening to make sure she has the right temperament and the right history for this job. You don’t want a woman who isn’t a professional. You don’t want a woman who doesn’t know how to handle herself. You don’t want someone with negative qualities… but you also don’t want someone who simply lacks the skill to provide you with what you want. Some women are just amateurs, and while they may try to get into the escort game, they aren’t prepared and they aren’t suitable. You don’t want to be saddled with one of these amateurs. You don’t want a woman who doesn’t know the score trying to pull off the job of an Atlanta escort. This is a job that is sometimes demanding and always requires a high-quality girl. Rather than make you gamble with your money, we go the extra distance to make sure she’s suitable before she ever gets to your doorstep. Our people definitely make the difference, and you can always count on us.

Tireless, High-Stamina Ladies

The women who work with us have to have another quality, and that is that they must be absolutely tireless. Stop and think about what the job of an Atlanta escort must be like. Can you imagine it? Many of the ladies who come to us looking for employment with us don’t understand what the job will take, and we make sure to let them know precisely what it is we are going to be asking of them when they come on board. A woman who works with us has to have incredible stamina. Her job is basically partying all the time. She’s got to be able to do that job no matter how many clients she’s had up to that point and no matter how many clients she goes out with after that point. If all that partying makes her seem worn out or turned out, her clients will not be happy with her, our agency’s reputation will suffer, and most importantly, unsatisfied bookings will take place. So we make sure to stress to our young ladies that they have to have the energy to keep this up. As you might imagine, this weeds out several girls every month who might otherwise have been very suitable. They are beautiful and they are fun, but they can’t keep up. Our girls rock!

Your Escort Knows When to Take Charge

Your Atlanta escort is tasked with a very specific job, and she knows it. She knows that she has to be willing and able to take charge if anything goes wrong when you are out on a date with her. She will always do as you indicate, and she will conduct the date as you want her to. Whatever is you want to do, she’ll do that, whether it means what type of restaurant you go to, what show you attend, what social venue you attend, or whatever else might be the topic of discussion. But there are always things that are beyond your control. These are the things you fear most when you are engaged in old fashioned dating with a woman you are trying to convince to go out with you again. When something happens that you can’t control — the restaurant you were going to go to is closed, it turns out, or the movie you wanted to see is sold out, or something else occurs that you simply can’t anticipate — this could be the death of a traditional date, with the woman disappointed and unhappy with you. That could kill your chances of future dates. But with Atlanta escorts, because you are paying for their time, they know it is their job to make sure you are happy. Your Atlanta escort therefore knows when to step in and take control, keeping things moving. She’s always there for you.

Atlanta Escorts Beat Non-Professionals Every Time

This brings us to the topic of why Atlanta escorts are so much better than traditional women. There are any number of reasons. We’ll try to keep things reasonable and simple, but there are some things you need to understand about our girls. Our girls are absolutely superior in every way to ordinary women. We need a good word to refer to the women you meet in your regular life, the ones who don’t work as escorts professional, so we’ll simply call them amateurs. This is a battle between professional entertainers as represented by the girls who work with us, and amateurs, as represented by the women you meet and date (or have dated, and have even married) in your regular life. Every single time, our Atlanta escorts come out on top compared to amateurs. No matter how much you date, no matter how much you think you are attached to your lovely young lady friend who is an amateur, you simply don’t understand what you are really in for. When you could spend time with a lovely professional escort, you should take that opportunity. She’s going to deal with you a heck of alot more faithfully than any real woman you might go out with. Amateurs lead to heartbreak, while professional escorts lead to satisfaction. Don’t believe us? Well, read on, because we’re about to explain everything to you.

You see, amateur women aren’t really capable of loving you. All your life, you have been filled with this notion that women love you, and that you love them, and in this mutual understanding of emotional love, you’ll one day find your soulmate and the two of you will live happily ever after together. But that’s not how it works in real life. There’s a reason that so many marriages end in divorce, and there is a reason that the older they grow together, the more the majority of couples (married or otherwise) seem to resent each other. Even famous Hollywood couples who never married eventually split up. It’s rare that any famous person stays married for any real length of time. And out here in the real world, marriages break up all the time. Most often, it is the woman who initiates the breakup. That’s right: Women more often decide to end relationships than men do, when you look at breakups statistically. So what does that mean? It means, categorically, that women are incapable of love, and this notion of love has been sold to you as the reason you should want to be with them even though you can’t trust them to deal with you fairly. You can’t trust them not to rip your heart out. Falling in love with a woman is a fool’s game because sooner or later she’s going to leave you. When she does, she’ll do different amounts of damage to you on the way out the door depending on who she is and who you are, but it’s not uncommon for a woman to leave a man much worse off than he was before he met her.

One of our repeat clients here at Atlanta Babe Finder is a young man we’ll call Steve. Steve was a reasonably happy guy. He had a regular job working retail. He had hobbies that he enjoyed. He had spare time. He was living his life and he had dreams on his horizon. Then, one day, Steve met this girl, Kate. Kate was an absolute ball of fire. She was a lot of fun, Steve would say. She was great in bed. In fact, he turned her out, turning her on to things she had never done before, and when things were good for the two of them, they were best in the bedroom. But slowly, Steve started losing things from his life, and it was because of Kate. She cut him off from his friends, not liking most of them, and he had to choose between them or her. She encouraged him to quit his job and follow his dreams, which he did… and then he was suddenly poor. Then she got into an argument with him and got him arrested… and with the blot on his record that resulted, he couldn’t get another job. Then eventually she started cheating on him and then left him for another guy. So when she left, she not only left him broken hearted, but through her efforts with him she managed to take away everything he had going for him. Before Steve found “love” he had school, work, friends, and fun in his life. When he had Kate in his life, she was pretty much all he had, and when she left, he was left with nothing. That’s a sobering thought. But it isn’t actually Kate’s fault. It all comes down to how she is programmed as a woman. It’s in her genes, you might say. Being constantly on the prowl for a better deal is one of the things that expresses itself in the biology of women. We are all what our genes have made us, and Kate was no exception. It all goes back to evolutionary psychology and how this affects how the human mind works.

You see, in ancient times, women had to choose a man who was strong enough to protect them. A woman who had no access to a man’s resources was dead when she got pregnant. Being pregnant, with no medical care, meant being completely helpless. A woman could only be pregnant with the offspring of one man at a time, so on an instinctive level, she had to choose the most suitable, high-value male she could find. She had to then hope that he would keep her alive by providing her with protection and support and food and so on, to keep her alive during the helpless months of her pregnancy (during which she could do nothing for herself. While she was helpless like this, her mate had to be the one to fight for her, feed her, and do everything else for her. On a genetic level, women are designed to look for providers. They are designed to think of themselves as helpless (and many of them act that way). Because of this genetic legacy, they still act that way today, only now, it is women who look for a rich man who can provide them with the finer things in life. Think about that. There are no ugly male billionaires who do not have beautiful women with them. That’s because a woman will easily decide she is attractive to an otherwise unattractive man if he has a great deal of money and can therefore make her life easy. And every single one of these women, whether she has convinced herself that she really likes the man or not, will leave him if he were to suddenly go broke. She’ll move on looking for another opportunity.

By the same token, in ancient times as now, a woman will always be looking for a man who can give her a better free ride. She has come to expect being able to trade on her femininity, on men’s desire to be close to her, and that’s especially true if she’s very beautiful. So she will trade herself for a better offer when one comes along, even when there is nothing essentially wrong with her former male, but especially if there is. How many guys do you know who had wives or girlfriends, but then got sick, or lost their jobs, or were otherwise dealt a devastating blow to their life circumstances? How many of those men had girlfriends or wives AFTER they got over whatever had dealt them such a blow? Most of them lost their women during those tribulations, because women, genetically, aren’t designed to be supportive. They are designed to be supported, and they’ll leave if you can’t do that for them. At least, that’s how it works traditionally, when you with an amateur who is not a professional escort.
Escorts, by contrast, don’t fit into that equation anywhere. That’s because they’re not in a relationship with you. Instead, you are effectively an employer, of sorts. Our agency is their real employer, of course, but you, as the client, have a significant amount of power. And because of that, because they are getting what they need from you financially when you book their time, that is the extent of what they need from you. They are not looking for you to provide for them in total. So the relationship is really more of a financial relationship than anything else. It’s a transaction, and that means that there is no other implied obligation. You aren’t counting on that professional entertainer to be your woman. The result? Women can’t love you. They never really do. And that means that professional escorts are always going to be a better choice because they are more honest with you. They are more forthright about the nature of the relationship. What do we mean by that?

Amateur women lure you into relationships because they want you to work hard to provide for them. They want to have you as a fallback option, as a support network. It’s why so many women will date a man or even live with him but are still cultivating flirtatious relationships on the side. A woman is always looking to jump ship to a better deal when she is in a relationship. She’s always looking for a way to do better as a woman from a material standpoint. And any weakness on the part of her man will send that woman in the opposite direction, looking for a man she does not perceive as weak. That’s why a man who gives in to his girlfriend’s unreasonable demands, who lets her push him around, will only be setting himself up for more of the same. He will always be miserable and she’ll take that weakness as reason to make him more miserable. There’s nothing to be done in a situation like that except realize that you did it to yourself. Trying to get into a relationship is always setting yourself up for failure, each and every time, and misery is always the result.

If, instead, you get your female companionship through Atlanta Babe Finder, if you go out with professionals instead of amateurs, none of that applies. There’s no drama. There’s no looking to do better. If you’ve paid to book her time, your Atlanta escort will be focused on you entirely for the whole time you two are out together. She will have eyes for no one else. She won’t let herself be distracted by her phone, by other people, by friends. She’ll just focus on doing her job and making you happy. How different this is from the traditional relationship tango, in which you are always being made to dance your lady’s tune. If you’re tired of being bossed around, if you’re tired of investing time, money, and energy in a relationship only to have your woman leave you at the first moment she gets a better offer, then you need to discard all that. You need to ditch amateur women completely and book one of our incredible Atlanta escorts, because only then will you get top quality women with none of those built in hassles or hardships.

The fact is that relationships aren’t honest. Only the straightforward transaction of booking a beautiful Atlanta escort is honest. You know just what you are getting. You know just what to expect. Rather than counting on a woman, count on yourself. Take charge of your life. Get female companionship when and how you want it. Book one of our exquisite escorts today and finally see how much better the escort game can be compared to the relationship realm. You don’t need a relationship. You just need a beautiful woman to spend time with you. We agree.
Honest, Friendly Girls with Great Attitudes; Our Ladies Are Good Listeners, Too

Every one of our professional entertainers has a great attitude. They are always super friendly. They know the power that a beautiful girl has over a man, and they understand how profound it is when that woman treats him as if she’s actually glad to see him. So few of the women in your life, even the ones you are in relationships with, actually treat you like they want to be with you. They take you for granted. They are ungrateful. They are critical. They nag you and they browbeat you and they tell you what to do. Studies have shown that it is women, not men, who are most controlling in relationships. Recent surveys also show that women are three times more likely to shun someone if that person actually dares not to have the same opinion. Most women are simply unpleasant, no matter how attractive they are, and in traditional relationships, you are expected to just give up what you want and always defer to your lady unless you want her to be angry with you. It isn’t men who typically give women the silent treatment, and for good reason. Women are much more likely to try to punish their partner by robbing the home of peace and happiness. They are much more vindictive and controlling and, frankly, you don’t need that.
Our professional escorts, by contrast, are nothing like that. They are pleasant. They are kind. They treat you with respect and courtesy. They don’t nag or criticize. They are always deferential to you and they will do whatever you ask of them, within reason, when it comes to making you happy. This is the professional difference. When you choose a professional young woman, you are choosing the absolute best in female companionship. You are saying that relationships aren’t for you. You are saying that being controlled by someone else isn’t for you. You are saying that you are a man, and you will conduct your life as you see fit. Never go for a traditional relationship when you can go for a professional escort instead. You’ll be much happier, you’ll be much more in control of your life, and ultimately, you will be much more satisfied with yourself as a person. This is critical to your enjoyment of your existence as a man who enjoys the company of women. Don’t do it halfway. Don’t go about it the wrong way. Choose the right path by choosing Atlanta Babe Finder.

They’ll Never Get Clingy And They’ll Always Be Professional

Our young women will never get clingy. Unlike regular women, there is no drama involved with our lovely young escorts. Think about all the women you know, including the ones you dated, and even the ones you didn’t. Didn’t they always seem to be surrounded by drama? Didn’t melodrama follow them around all the time, and weren’t they always complaining about something? If there is one quality that almost all women seem to share, it is that they are always complaining. Nothing is ever good enough for them. The modern feminist movement is kind of built on that, really. Whereas feminists in the past fought for the right to vote, and so on, feminists now seem to have created a movement devoted solely to complaining all the time about the most inconsequential of things. They don’t like it when a man stands with his legs too wide. They don’t like it when a man stands to pee. They don’t like it that a man can go in and out of a men’s room faster than women can go in and out of a women’s restroom. They don’t like it when men have men’s only clubs (but they have no problem with women’s only clubs, like certain gyms that cater to only females). Basically, there is nothing that regular women like. They are always complaining and they are always looking for something better, but when they get that something better, they aren’t happy then, either. There is no pleasing them. The only way to win that game, as the old movie says, is not to play. And the only way to get your female companionship in a way that doesn’t entail messy, controlling, unhappy relationships is to go with professional escorts.

Want to Spend More Time with Her? No Problem! Want to See Her Again Another Time? No Problem!

The absolute best part about all of this is that if you and your lady friend hit it off, if you enjoy her company, if your professional escort is everything you want her to be, you can see her again. You don’t have to impress her. You don’t have to persuade her. You don’t have to ply her with drinks or try to be charming. There is no pressure. There is no stress. All you have to do is book her time again. It’s that simple! It’s that easy! Atlanta escorts are the best thing that will ever happen to you, and you can have that same escort with you each and every time you and she are both free. All you have to do is pay for your booking. When did female companionship become this easy? When did it become this fun? We aren’t sure, but we’re certain we’re doing it right. And we’re always on hand to help you get what you are looking for.

Book an Atlanta Escort Tonight!

We can’t put it to you any more clearly than that. We want you to book the girl of your dreams right now. Look through our pages, find the girl who you think is most exciting, and book her. She’s waiting for you. We’re waiting to serve you. And when you’ve gone out with one of our lovely professional entertainers, she will be waiting to hear from you again. We are Atlanta Babe Finder, and we want to help you find a babe to spend time with right now.